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10 Days Wellbeing Challenge in your inbox! Free!

4 – 14 February 2020.

By Dr Barbara Louw

February is the month for celebrating love and romance. I am offering the 10 Days Wellbeing Challenge for you to re-kindle you inner self-worth.

During discussions about my books, “Put Trauma behind You” and “Time to Be Well”, I realized that many people want to be well. They need a little encouragement to follow through on their choices. Here are the first steps and it’s free!

Yes, free sign up and the emails will come to your inbox to read in your own time, at your own pace.

For a week and a half, you will receive a daily email, bringing you a different focus topic. You will receive tips and suggestions. Some of the focus topics are:

  • Why am I stuck?
  • Keep it real
  • Clean up
  • Love life
  • Connections
  • All sorts of love
  • Check-up?
  • Finding a safe place to heal.

This 10 Day Wellbeing Challenge will motivate and pace you so that you start working on your unique goals. Rediscover the lighter side of being well!

How does it work?

  1. You use the following link to sign up:
  2. On 4 February 2020, you will receive a Welcome email. This email will offer suggestions for you to track your own progress. Your daily email for the 10 Day Wellbeing Challenge will appear in your inbox! Read the email and take up the daily challenges.
  3. This is a fun challenge and doesn’t include counselling and therapeutic interventions.


You can forward the email to friends and colleagues by using the forward button.

You can stop the email at any stage by selecting the opt-out button. No questions asked.

No content in this programme, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified professional.

The content is based on Dr Barbara Louw's Wholistic Wellness Coaching Model design to deal with wellbeing and posttraumatic issues.

Will you benefit from the 10 Day Wellbeing Challenge?


Do you:

  • Need to know everything about everybody
  • Experience constant anger, rage and anxiety
  • Overspend, overeat or overindulge
  • Seek to constantly fulfil others’ desires and ignore own needs
  • Allow others to manipulate and abuse you
  • Ignore own emotions and put on a “happy” face all the time
  • Avoid alone time
  • Always too busy for important matters
  • Withhold success from yourself
  • Try to appear perfect
  • Never ask for help, try to do it all yourself
  • Take work out of other people’s hand because you can do it “better” or “quicker”
  • Push yourself beyond reasonable limits
  • Deflect or reject compliments
  • Say “yes” when you want or need to say “no”
  • Experience the inability to say “no”
  • Expect others to read your mind and meet your needs

This 10 Day Wellbeing Challenge will motivate and pace you so that you start working on your unique goals. Rediscover the lighter side of being well!



Helping traumatized clients is more than just listening. Aquilla Advisors’ facilitators are trainer in various disciplines in order to provide the best available support to our clients. Just talking about a traumatic experience can put an emotional tail-spin on the experience, causing more harm. We are committed to help all our clients to put trauma behind them.

Definition clarification:

I believed that Christian Counseling is rooted in the Bible and a two-thousand year tradition of loving pastoral care to facilitate the kind of cure that Jesus promised. In my practice we work to help or clients find peace, wholeness, direction and stability in Christ.

In Christian Counseling the true power to change comes from the Holy Spirit’s active involvement in the process of encouragement, consolation, challenge and transformation into the likeness of Christ.

Traumatology is a health and social science which is concerned with all the aspects of emotional trauma and crisis on the individual and society. Traumatology brings together the inputs and draws on a host of related sciences, such as: psychology, sociology, theology, nutrition and others. The study of traumatology enables the practitioner  to provide supportive and curative interventions to sufferers of trauma.

Coaching is about creating change that helps enhances performance and learning. Coaches emphasize new competencies, learning and goal attainment. In fact, a coach is a personal navigator for the journey of life, focusing on what the clients want. Everything in coaching hinges on listening with the client’s agenda in mind. COMENSA defines coaching as “a professional, collaborative and outcomes-driven method of learning that seeks to develop an individual and raise self-awareness so that he or she might achieve specific goals and perform at a more effective level”.

COMENSA defines mentoring as “a partnership in which a mentee is assisted in making significant advances in knowledge, perspective and vision in order to develop their full potential; the mentor’s wisdom is utilized by the mentee to facilitate and enhance new learning and insight.” The mentor’s focus is the development of the learner, and about passing on personalized, domain-specific knowledge.

It is very important to ensure that the person helping you is properly trained and registered to offer these services. Don’t be afraid to ask to see registration documents.

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