After 25+ years of experience and exposure, the author has excellently succeeded in capturing the essence of victim support and trauma counselling within a South African context.

The topics in this publication provide the reader with hands-on information, advice and support.

The trauma handling model referred to in this publication has been customised and successfully applied as a working model in the management of trauma amongst students living in residences at the University of Pretoria.

Being a victim supporter, I have found the advice and guidance with regard to self care of paramount importance. I can personally testify that putting the guidelines into practice has successfully prevented “emotional burnout” in an otherwise very emotionally taxing environment of victim and trauma support.

This publication has achieved its goal by contextualising ‘support’ to the extent that it equips supporters to help “victims become victors (victorious)”. I recommend this book to any person with the desire and God given purpose to make a difference in the lives of traumatised people.


Bes Liebenberg

Coordinator: Student Support- Residences

University of Pretoria