Every so now and then, as one walks the corridors of life, one finds a very small but distinct few dedicated individuals concerned with to the relief of trauma and suffering of our day and age. Very often, it is this mother Theresa type of person driven by inner calling often not recognised by their own. These people got unique characteristics and qualities that proof their commitment and determination beyond the ordinary. They transient to become Living Bibles living their lives, not only through their own body but also through the body of Christ, the church.

Barbara Louw is one of these. A pioneer that I have the privilege to have met more than a decade ago during my own quest for Emotional, Ecological, Moral and Social/Spiritual Intelligence (EEMSQ) development amongst all communities. She has always look uniquely to empower multi-professionals through networking, personal coaching and mentoring skills development by sharing time and experience to help with the suffering of humans in all communities. What also stood out, was the compassion with which she has invited CROWA (The Criminological Regenerational Organisation within Africa) to present topics at Inter-Trauma Nexus skills training seminars on human-animal assisted interventions skills to support, especially victims of gender based violence and sexual abuse, adding an often neglected but very valuable ecological component to healing, wholeness and peace within God’s obsolete creation.

The Southern Africa community is in dire need of practical guidance to accompany and empower them on their travels when they encounter victims on a daily basis at the corridors of life, especially on grass root level. As the topic already portrays it, I am convinced that the experience and knowledge Barbara is sharing in A Sensible Vision, will enhance the skills and sensibility of all sharing in the life and holistic healing of traumatized victims. This work will skill fully shape more people to be met in the futuristic corridors of life pioneering hope, healing and forgiveness in the footsteps of the Great Pioneer, Jesus Christ. This will address His concern that the harvest is too big but the workers few and afar, as this work will skill fully increase the capacity of healthcare workers and life coaches as they themselves also progress through their own corridors of life touching the life of another.

Dr Gerhard Swanepoel