South Africa has indeed become a traumatized society. Crime rates are sky high and many have been through the ordeal of ‘n car hijacking trauma. A large number of families have been affected by the murdering of farmers while the incidence of violent assaults, rape and molestation has become overwhelming. Authorities are battling the devastating consequences of HIV and corruption. There is thus a steady rise in the numbers of traumatized people and consequently also a desperate need for trained and qualified counsellors.

Against this background the publication of this book by Barbara Louw is very timely. With thirty years of practical experience as well as excellent academic qualifications she is indeed able to make a significant contribution towards the healing and restoration of so many devastated lives out there. Her approach in this book is that of an integrated and holistic model where the emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of man is addressed, and this proves to be the most effective and dynamic model in counselling. What she has learned in practice and through textbooks, she is able to integrate with Biblical principles, and in this way every area of a person’s life that has been affected by trauma and pain is addressed.

My prayer is that the Lord will use this book as an instrument of healing for many hurt people, and that it will be a facilitator of reparation of many broken lives and of restoration of hope and a new future for those who reached a point of desperation and hopelessness because of trauma.

Prof. Wentzel Coetzer

Department of Practical Theology at the University of North-West