Travelling Refugees

By Wynand J Louw 2008

 tn Wynand 001

The soles of their shoes
are worn down
by the seeming endless
pilgrimage. Blister upon
blister, bursting, bleeding…
the courage within them
the only thing that drives
them forward – the knowledge
of a better day to come.


People like glimmering angels
on their road to victory -
good Samaritans in a
world of shadows,
radiating God in all his glory.


One might be Kindness,
giving them a horse of hope
to ease their journey forward.


Another might be Generosity,
giving them sanctuary in the Word.

A little further down the road,
they might find Love,
giving them healing and comfort,
and helping them find God again.


And somewhere along their
twisting turning path back to self worth,
they might find the stranger,
the friend, the counsellor...

if only for a day.
A stranger to listen to their every word.


When you encounter these victors
struggling past you along this road:


Who are you willing to be?