Dr Barbara Louw


Wellness Coaching Model Diagram

Going for counselling can be a daunting prospect, especially when you are sitting in a problem-saturated situation. My clients often start the conversation with stating that they “don’t even know where to start”.

The good news is that there is no correct or wrong place to start our conversation. The fact that you made your appointment is already a leap in the right direction. Coming to get the guidance, support or counselling takes courage and determination to become well.

In the centre of the circular diagram is the crisis point where you experience unwellness is as an uncomfortable or even unbearable burden. Each client has a unique perception of his or her crisis point. This crisis point can be the result of a single overwhelming incident or a series of traumatic experiences.

My Wholistic Wellness Coaching Model allows you to work towards solutions on the different levels where the unwellness manifests. Some clients need guidance in one or two areas, while others’ steadily build wellness in every area.

The good news is that you can become whole and well. Counselling and coaching is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but this model gives you the opportunity to assess where you are at a moment in your life and then plan which areas need healing, breakthroughs and enhancement.

When you make an appointment, you Book your online or in-person appointment then get the forms before your appointment and this diagram gives you a clear indication of the goals in the coaching process. No more uncertainty of where to start.

The coaching model allows you to work with your exceptional story; set you unique solutions focused goals in order to achieve greater wellbeing – after each session.

In my research, this model was started as a Posttraumatic Wellness Coaching Model for people who were struggling with posttraumatic reactions, such as bitterness, resentment and deep-seated embitterment. Superficial theories of 'just quickly forgive' are as counterproductive as forcing fighting siblings to 'kiss and make-up'. This model is a tool that enables you to seek solutions, leave harmful attitudes behind and grow towards lasting healing and forgiveness.

As the  model developed, the model became useful for coaching people of all ages and in various settings, including the workplace, family, school and church environments

Aquilla Training presents 2-day workshops and CPD Training is available for counsellors, pastors and other professionals who would like to use this model.

Die model, beradingsessies en werkswinkels is  beskikbaar in Afrikaans.

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