Dr Barbara Louw

Dr Barbara started her journey in the helping profession as an ordained minister. She started a non-profit organisation, Inter Trauma Nexus NPC, in 1998 with the sole purpose of bringing hope to victims of crime.

Dr Barbara is a certified CPD facilitator and she ensures the improvement of industry-wide standards and skills through extensive CPD workshops.

In her capacity as trauma relief facilitator and strategic advisor to the NAA-SA (National Accommodation Association – South Africa), Dr Barbara assisted community members and tourists who are affected by crime and trauma in South Africa.

Dr Barbara has been a training evaluation advisor for several corporate clients included the Foschini Group, Railway Furnishers, and Brenner Mills. Her business services and training company, Aquilla Advisors cc, has been a member of the CCBC (Capital City Business Chamber) for over ten years.


She ascribes her success to a calling from God and a huge portion of grace and mercy. Teamwork is a key element in working with people, especially in challenged communities. In an era where services to people are fractured and take place in isolated pockets, she appeals to people’s goodwill and advocates for working together to achieve synergy. “Together we can make a lasting difference”.

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